Frequently asked questions

How much does a CSA box cost?

Each individual box costs $25; however, we require customers to make seasonal 12-week commitments and pay the full $300/season. This should provide veggies for 1-2 adults per week. We are hoping to offer more accessible options in the future as we grow our business; however, the up-front payment is important for the farmer to have the financial capital needed to plant crop throughout the season. We highly encourage cost-sharing with roommates and friends!

What does "CSA" stand for?

CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture” and is a direct-marketing approach for farmers. In the U.S., this approach is traced back to Dr. Booker T. Whatley’s efforts to sustain Black farms and farmers in post-WWII Alabama, and has been magnificently successful at supporting farmers of color who are marginalized by the dominant agro-capitalist paradigm. Customers pay the farmers directly for their produce at the beginning of a season and, in exchange, receive weekly boxes of produce. This is especially supportive for beginning small farmers as it provides the financial capital needed to start production. While Grounded Organics LLC is not a farm business, our partnership with Induchucuiti Organic Farms in Salinas, CA allows the farmer to receive the benefits of the CSA without holding liability for produce distribution. That means that she gets to spend more time growing delicious organic produce and less time worrying about paperwork. We are excited to be working together to provide customers with weekly boxes of delicious produce, brought to you fresh from the farm.

Where can I pick up my CSA box?

We are currently delivering to select locations in Santa Cruz, CA. When filling out the intake form, customers can select their preferred pick-up location and can pick-up their boxes at that location on Wednesday afternoons. We cannot deliver outside of Santa Cruz at this time; however, we hope to establish more pick-up locations as we grow our business.

What can I expect in my CSA box?

Each box includes a mix of 7-8 different items! We aim to include a combination leafy greens (e.g. lettuce, kale, chard), botanical vegetables (e.g. celery, radishes, carrots, beets), botanical fruits (e.g. tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, peppers), and culinary herbs (e.g. cilantro, parsley). Since this produce is grown right here in Salinas on small acreage, the produce in the boxes will vary seasonally.

How many weeks does the CSA run for?

Each seasonal CSA lasts 12 weeks. Our CSA runs seasonally during Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons.